TotalSpaces2 not so total?!

Hi, I’m not sure if I miss understood the app features or what. I was expecting to have a total desktop for each space. As in: Desktop1 will allow me to show a different dock, different folders placed on the desktop…etc

I have many folders on my desktop for quick access, but they are many and not related to each other. I thought TotalSpaces2 would allow me to 1: create Desktop3 (named PhotoShop). 2: allow me to place all my photoshop-related folders on that desktop so that the rest of the Desktop3 (named PhotoShop) area is clean and nice. 3: I would customize the dock on Desktop3 (named PhotoShop) to only show my photoshop and design apps.

is that possible?


There is only one desktop unfortunately.

However, SaneDesk hides items on the desktop - perhaps it does what you need?