TotalSpaces2 Quits in Sierra

I’m feeling quite confused. First, I have OS 10.12.1, but I see people referring to 10.12.2, an update I can’t find in the App Store. Second, my computer shows me with TotalSpaces 2.5, but I only see 2.4.9 on the website.
My presenting issue is that TotalSpaces quits almost every time I turn on my MacBook Pro. It usually happens between 15 and 30 minutes after I start up, though sometimes it doesn’t happen at all and sometimes it takes longer. Further, it can take three or more tries before it actually opens again.
I’ve sent email reports in at least twice. Does this happen to anyone else?
And what about the version differences? Is that connected in some way?

I am running 10.12.3 beta, but I do believe 10.12.2 is the latest full release from Apple, so I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing that in the app store.

TotalSpaces2 2.5 is released on the beta (pre-release) channel, so if you have “Include pre-releases” checked, they you should have v 2.5. See here:

You can use the uninstaller from the dmg to remove it and install 2.4.9 if you wish.

I’ve seen some crash reports to do with SUNoFeedURL in 2.5.0, I am looking into this, and will get 2.5.1 out asap. 2.4.9 does not suffer from this problem, so I would recommend downgrading if it’s causing ongoing problems.

Thanks for writing back. I usually download system updates as they come out, so I’m not sure why I’m showing one upgrade behind. Maybe it’s just a glitch on that little info screen.

I did have pre-releases checked, so I’ve unchecked it for the future. In the meantime, I can live with the crashes, so I’ll wait for the next one.

I’ve been getting lots of unexpected quits too. It’s happening on both my iMac running 10.12.2 with TotalSpaces v2.5.0 and my MacBook Pro running 10.12.3 (beta) and TotalSpaces v2.5.0. The computers will just be sitting there idle and the message pops up. I’m sending in an email with the debug info so I hope this helps resolve it in upcoming updates.