TotalSpaces2 sporadically misses mouse clicks in the Grid

Hey Stephen! I hope this small-potatoes whine finds you well. I’m writing with regard to a little glitchlet I’ve noticed in TS2. To wit: it seems to sporadically miss—or maybe misinterpret?—Overview Grid mouse clicks, such that clicking will select a space, assigning it its glowing highlight box, but not switch to that space. Clicking whichever desktop I was using before entering the Grid works as expected; clicking any of the others only gets me halfway there. I plopped a quick screen recording into in case I’m being terribly unclear. (ScreenFlow also misses some click actions there, and fails to bullseye them, but that’s an issue of longer standing that I don’t think is related.)

I’m seeing this under the latest Yosemite DP, but unfortunately I’m running that full-time now and can’t corroborate my story under Mavericks and earlier.

It’s not a serious impediment to my own personal workflow, but I thought it might be worth looking into as you prepped for Yosemite’s official début. As ever, thanks for all your work on TotalSpaces so far, and good luck with your work to come!


Hi Daniel,

I have seen this in Yosemite DP6. I’m not sure the reason as yet, and I cannot reproduce the problem (I saw it just once so far). Restarting Dock fixes the issue (which you can do by exiting and restarting TotalSpaces2).

If you are able to figure out how to reproduce it I would be very interested!