TotalSpaces2 with SIP fully enabled in Sierra


Does the procedure described at:
still work for macOS 10.12 (Sierra)?

Does a similar trick work for TotalFinder?


For me it did’t work (TS2 and TF).


I have TS working fine on El Capitan with SIP fully enabled, and I’m also wondering if TS will run on Sierra with SIP fully enabled, or if it can only be run with SIP partially disabled.


I tested this myself just a few days ago and it worked fine, but there have been several reports on here of it not working.


TS works on Sierra but only with SIP partially enabled. I tried to fully enable SIP but TS would not work, so then I backtracked using

csrutil enable --without debug

and that got it working again.


I have the same experience (TS2 works on Sierra using --without debug, but not with SIP fully enabled). Is there a fix?