Transition animation problems in Sierra

Just wanted to note that I’ve been seeing some strange animation problems with TS transitions on Sierra 10.12.4 Beta (16E154a). Some transitions like Reveal work once or twice, then completely stop working thereafter. Other transitions, like Cube or Slide, seem to work ok, but there is a noticeable black flicker in between each space transition. These issues just popped up with the latest Sierra update. If it would it help, I could try to get a screen capture to show the problems.

QT capture of screen flicker problem available here:

screen flicker problem

To me, it looks like the image of the previous space is disappearing while I’m transitioning to the new space. The result is sort of jarring. FYI, I slowed the slide transition all the way down for this vid; at higher speeds the flicker is even more obnoxious.

Ok, so has no one else seen this issue? Any suggestions for a fix @stephen?

Thanks for the screen cap (and for the ping). Looks like some things are happening in the wrong order, like the space change before the transition starts. I need to investigate with that beta, which I will do as soon as I can.

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Thanks very much for getting back! FYI, I just updated to Sierra beta 16E163f and the issue is still there.

Please can you try this version and let me know if it’s any better:

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Awesome - it works perfectly! Thanks very much for the quick fix!

Thanks for testing. I think you still may see a glitch every now and then, but hopefully the main problem is gone.