Transitions jerky in TotalSpaces2 with Mavericks

Hey guys, has anyone noticed the newest version of TotalSpaces2 with Mavericks, all transitions seem a bit jerky? I was just curious if anyone else has noticed it, but if that’d be fixed, I can put aside my annoyance with the new grid layout when it includes fullscreen apps, just want a fluid transition. Thank you!!

They should be fairly smooth. It heavily depends on your graphics hardware though, and whether you are running an external monitor.

It’s fairly graphic intensive, but I would have hoped they would be as smooth as on ML.

What hardware are you running on?

Here’s the ‘About this mac’ Window:

That looks modern, with decent graphics.

We’re using apple’s core animation for the transitions. I know that the overview grid transitions can suffer sometimes if you have a lot of windows, but the space transitions ought to be pretty much ok.

The smoothest transition is likely to be slide, did you try that?

Yep, same situation oddly.