Trash and other keyboard shortcuts no longer functional

The keyboard shortcut that triggers the Empty Trash dialog in standard Finder (Shift-Command-Backspace) does not work under TotalFinder. This occurred in the most recent public release, and updating to the most recent pre-release did not fix it (currently on 1.6.10). I can’t say for certain, but I feel that the empty trash shortcut worked up until a month or two ago.

Other keyboard shortcuts also don’t work, like show/hide system files, so I’m not sure it’s isolated to the trash function.

Pressing the key combination does nothing - there is no error “bonk” or dialog that displays. Is there a work-around for this bug, or am I experiencing a novel problem?

Thanks gals/guys!

Interesting. This seems to work as expected on my Mavericks machine with 1.6.10.

Can you please double-check that keyboard shortcuts displayed in main menu are the shortcuts you are expecting?

For example trash has to have some items in it and main menu “Finder” will present menu item “Secure Empty Trash” with proper keyboard shortcut SHIFT+CMD+BACKSPACE.

Interestingly, it seems that you have a different keyboard shortcut in your finder menu than I do! You can see a screenshot of my menu below: