Troubles with TotalFinder / Finder

TotalFinder / Finder is losing customization. I have OS 10.9.2 and the problem did not happen right away after that update. I have re-installed TotalFinder to no avail.

There are two problems:

  • The memory of my registering is lost when I restart. I get a message “14 days left to register”
  • Changes to formatting also disappear on restart: toolbar customization and colors for the sidebar. Everything reverts to the defaults for Finder when I restart. TotalFinder is present but in default mode.

TotalFinder is storing its config in in ~/Library/Preferences. Something must be wiping out those settings…

I don’t have good answer for you right now. Only that this is not general problem, I would be getting much more complaints.

Please try to install latest beta and report if it happened again:

Maybe backup prior installation. And compare it after then. Check also output for any problems during installation / TotalFinder launch.

Thanks for your helpful leads. I found a “stray” copy of in Library. When I renamed it and made changes to Finder / TotalFinder the changes were retained. The copy in Library/Preferences was in place and was modified by my changes (toolbar, sidebar color, etc). I think the version of TotalFinder I used didn’t matter – things failed the same way with both versions until I “fixed” the plist problem.

I haven’t the foggiest idea how the stray file got therel. Thanks again.

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