TS 2.4.8 + Sierra doesn't always focus correct app

I use TS extensively, but upon upgrading to Sierra, having Terminal on one Space and Safari on another is problematic:

  • One Space only has Terminal
  • One Space only has Safari
  • Switch to Terminal Space, type in Terminal, switch back to Safari’s Space with hotkey
  • Terminal is still focused

Old behavior is that Safari would be focused. This behavior DOES still work with most apps, like Spotify and Slack: any Space with a set of apps that don’t match the app previously in focus results in one of the apps on the new Space being in focus, which is proper. Just not with Terminal->Safari switching. The opposite, Safari->Terminal, does work correctly.

Would you mind checking if this behavior still happens after you quit TS. I want to see if this is an issue in TS or Sierra itself.

It does. It also happened with whatever 2.3.x I was on, then with 2.4.6, and then still after an update to the latest 2.4.8.

To help me reproduce this issue, could you record a video?

Will do tonight. Interesting update: I can’t do it right now, since the MBA 13" doesn’t have the same problem using 2.3.5 or 2.4.6 (autoupdated). This laptop doesn’t have integrated + discrete graphics like the MBP that has this issue.