TS2 not working correctly for me with Mavericks

I upgraded to Mavericks today and then to TS2. What’s happening is that almost anytime I click in a window the program slides to another space. Driving me nuts. Is this a known problem and is there anything that can be done about it?

That sounds strange.

However, it is behaviour I have seen with Chrome (which is most definitely broken if you assign it to a particular space).

Also, do you have your Move current window Hotkeys set to use just Shift and the arrow keys? That can maybe cause problems.

Thanks for the response. I am using Chrome and have it assigned to a particular space. I always used it that way with TS1. Are you saying that’s a problem with TS2 that wasn’t with TS1?

Not sure about the Move current window hotkeys. Because I was having all that trouble I quit TS2. I’ll fire it up again and see about the hotkeys.

But if I can’t use Chrome in a particular window, I guess I won’t be able to use TS2.

If you use Chrome in a particular space (and only in that space) it should work fine. If you drag a Chrome window to another space, then it gets really broken. It’s always been like that (in TS1 also) - and it happens even with OSX spaces if TotalSpaces is not running.

I restarted TS2 and checked the hotkeys for moving the current window. Since I never do that with hotkeys I just un-enabled it. I’ll see how it works now.


I have a similar problem with unexpected switching spaces. While I am working say typing an email on space 4, and then total spaces switches to space 2 without my intervention. I do not have hotkeys set, only use mouse to switch or expose the grid and switch by clicking.

I finally gave up with TotalSpaces 2 and Mavericks. I’m just using spaces and it’s just fine.