TS2: second monitor overview grid doesn't show windows

OS X 10.9.0 and TotalSpaces2 v2.0.2
I have a second monitor attached. When I go in to overview mode I don’t see any of the windows that exist in spaces viewable on the second monitor. If I drag a window from a space on the primary display to a space on the secondary display, the window disappears as soon as it goes in to a space on the secondary display.

The second display is being driven by a DisplayLink device. I know there have been some issues with 10.9 and DisplayLink. I’m using the latest DisplayLink beta driver for 10.9. This is the only machine I’ve used multiple displays on, so I’m unsure if this is an issue with TotalSpaces2 or DisplayLink, but if I quit TotalSpaces2 and go into Mission Control I do see the windows on the second display’s desktops.

If Mission control can show the windows, then TotalSpaces ought to be able to as well, so this is clearly something we should be able to fix.

But I don’t have a DisplayLink to test with at the moment. I will try to get one to see if I can replicate the problem.

I did investigate this a bit further. Although we don’t have DisplayLink, we see a very similar issue with an Air Display second screen. In that case the windows on the Mission Control row of desktops at the top of the screen do not display correctly either.

The Air Display team have acknowledged this as a bug. I think it’s very likely that the DisplayLink driver has a similar issue.