Unable to drag between rows

I’m unable to drag files/folders, etc. between rows. I can drag between spaces with no problem and can drag “around the horn” until I get where I want to go. But I believe I was able to do this in early versions, OSs. I’m in 10.9.5

I’m sorry, this feature is not present in Mavericks or Yosemite.

There is a workaround:
If you set a hot corner for the overview grid, then you can drag a file or folder to the hot corner, then hover over the space you wish to switch to. After a second or so TotalSpaces2 will switch to that space, so you can use whatever item you are dragging in the new space.

Hi Stephen, I see you said “Mavericks or Yosemite.” Guessing it’s also turned out to be impossible on El Capitan? If it is possible, any chance of having drag-to-an-adjacent-space respect the circulation joining preference (same row/next row)?

Not a major problem —I’m happy using the hotkeys— but if possible it’d be cool

(Btw just tested your workaround on 2.3.9 and it’s unreliable. Haven’t spent too much time playing with it, but it seems like it can only be used to move a window to the next space, and once you get to the last space that’s the end.)

Yes, sorry, dragging windows up and down is still not something I was able to support.

I find I can move windows via the overview grid ok by dragging them to the hotcorner then dropping them on a new space, but you can’t see the window when you are dragging it, which makes it a bit difficult to use.