Unable to make use of Profiles

Tried to reset the Terminal settings also the Total Terminal settings yet still after the launch of Total Terminal after a reboot or so, none of the applied coloured themes are working. My terminal goes with a simple B/W theme while in the Total Terminal settings showcase another story.

Any idea to debug troubleshoot this is welcomed.

Anyone any idea how to fix the Total Commander Themes display on Yosemite? I am not able to have any of them working, they work on normal window but they do not work on the drop down window.

@highacid if you are talking about changing the profile for TotalTerminal reading @darwin reply to someone else on this thread How do you get multiple colors in the terminal helped me figure this issue out for myself I have the Hemisu colorscheme I love to use and have it as my default. So I made a duplicate of Hemisu changed a couple of settings to what the were in the Visor profile, then deleted the Visor profile and it immediately changed to the Hemisu dup which I renamed Visor. I’m happy now. :grinning: Hope this helps answer you question.