Unable to move windows between spaces vertically

After upgrading to Mavericks and TotalSpaces2, I’ve only been able to drag windows between spaces horizontally. To move a window from Space 1 to Space 3 in a 2x2 grid, I have to cycle the window in this fashion: top right -> top left -> bottom right. I cannot simply drag the window down.

Without this feature, this program isn’t worth the money I paid for it. Is there any way to get this back? There have been numerous updates that haven’t fixed the problem.

It was not possible to detect when a window is being dragged up or down in Mavericks. I’m sorry about that. It is one thing I would wish to be able to solve in Mavericks, but it’s we haven’t found a way yet.

However, we did make a hotkey option for taking a window with you when you move space (the “Move current window” settings in Hotkeys prefs). It’s not the same as dragging, but fortunately it has sufficed for most users.