Unexpected Tab behavior

I’ve been having this issue with sticky and unresponsive tab behavior lately. Only happens when physically clicking back and forth between tabs, not taping on them in the same fashion. Tabs will stick, won’t close, or will create weird spaces in the bar. Sometimes will stick to the cursor but that is hard to reproduce.

Not sure if Bettertouchtool is to blame, harder to reproduce with it disabled but is has happened with it disabled.

Running TotalFinder 1.10.0 but have experienced it with previous versions.
MacBook Pro 2017, 10.12.6 Sierra

Video of behavior:

Thanks for the video. Looks like the tabs code is throwing exceptions and does not finish its work. Do you see any errors in Console.app?

i am admittedly pretty green when it comes to Console, but it did throw this error related to Finder:

it may be totally unrelated, so i apologize

This might be related. Thanks for the clue. Seems like an edge case in layouting some views. I just have to find a way how to reproduce it.

i appreciate you looking into this, let me know if there’s anything else that i can do to assist!

Hello - just to update you, this appears to have been fixed in the latest High Sierra Beta. It’s early so I’m not 100% sure but I’ll update you if it returns.

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this behavior has returned.

TotalFinder 1.10.2
High Sierra Public Beta 10.13

I have a very similar issue on MacOS Sierra. In order to reproduce, just click on tabs back and forth. Eventually, it will show strange tab behavior.

The console output shows this:

standard 21:09:52.474171 +0200 Finder 0x10e1f3800 - DocumentLoader::startLoadingMainResource: Returning empty document (frame = 0x10df43000, main = 1)
standard 21:09:52.474248 +0200 Finder Memory usage info dump at MainFrameLoadCompleted:
standard 21:09:52.474278 +0200 Finder compressed: 457531392
standard 21:09:52.474302 +0200 Finder internal: 449060864
standard 21:09:52.474332 +0200 Finder resident_size: 596586496
standard 21:09:52.474362 +0200 Finder document_count: 3
standard 21:09:52.474392 +0200 Finder virtual_size: 5605142528
standard 21:09:52.474422 +0200 Finder pagecache_page_count: 0
standard 21:09:52.474448 +0200 Finder phys_footprint: 738525184
standard 21:09:52.474477 +0200 Finder javascript_gc_heap_capacity: 65872
standard 21:09:52.474506 +0200 Finder javascript_gc_heap_extra_memory_size: 336
standard 21:10:04.286950 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67062
standard 21:10:04.287041 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67062
standard 21:10:04.288792 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67062
standard 21:10:04.288864 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67062
standard 21:10:04.291092 +0200 Finder Claim BAE258C2-C0D7-456D-B017-411E866D3977 granted in client
standard 21:10:04.291126 +0200 Finder Claim BAE258C2-C0D7-456D-B017-411E866D3977 invoked in client
standard 21:10:04.293293 +0200 Finder Claim E9A80A26-3A76-4DAF-A158-36ACD0605192 granted in client
standard 21:10:04.293331 +0200 Finder Claim E9A80A26-3A76-4DAF-A158-36ACD0605192 invoked in client
standard 21:10:04.294576 +0200 Finder Claim 5E82D44E-27D5-40E7-875E-011ACA4AEB11 granted in client
standard 21:10:04.294657 +0200 Finder Claim 5E82D44E-27D5-40E7-875E-011ACA4AEB11 invoked in client
standard 21:10:04.296145 +0200 Finder Claim DF1AB4BF-CA14-452B-9E62-5132490A8C1A granted in client
standard 21:10:04.296181 +0200 Finder Claim DF1AB4BF-CA14-452B-9E62-5132490A8C1A invoked in client
standard 21:10:04.306228 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67050
standard 21:10:04.306287 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67050
standard 21:10:04.308051 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67062
standard 21:10:04.308126 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67062
standard 21:10:04.312778 +0200 trustd asynchronously fetching CRL (http://crl.apple.com/timestamp.crl) for client (Finder[10539])
standard 21:10:04.313073 +0200 trustd asynchronously fetching CRL (http://crl.apple.com/root.crl) for client (Finder[10539])
standard 21:10:04.318394 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67050
standard 21:10:04.318460 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67050
standard 21:10:04.324048 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67050
standard 21:10:04.324110 +0200 Finder MacOS error: -67050

I have noticed that sometimes the tab does not change when I click on another tab. I found that clicking on the desktop and then clicking on the new tab will work.