[Update Discussion] TotalFinder 1.15.1 for Apple Silicon and Intel — macOS 13, 12, 11, and 10.15

@ChrisOSX I’ll set up an OpenCore test machine and see if I can reproduce this issue. Thank you for the detailed information and testing — it’s very helpful and lets me know what to look for in OCLP!

@eBara @oscaro The only thing I can really say at this point is that TotalFinder 1.14.2 (as well as the upcoming 1.14.3 that I’ll release to fix a new compatibility issue with macOS 11.6.8 Big Sur) just doesn’t have proper macOS 13 support yet. It’ll take some time for support to be properly added.

(※ Also, the notification you’re receiving about software written by “Antonin Hildebrand” being added to your system is intentional — TotalFinder is codesigned, notarised, and published by Antonin of BinaryAge. Apple is simply notifying you of that fact.)

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Sounds good :+1:

The crash report for Finder in Console has been the same termination reason:

  • Termination Reason: Namespace DYLD, Code 4 Symbol missing

If you need any more info let me know.

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Thanks for your reply. I use native tabs in addition to the TF tabs for greater flexibility when moving files around in dual mode.

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@JB76 Ah, I see.

I assume you’re using the right-click → Open in New Tab button to open a directory in a native tab?

(※ This is actually technically a bug, since TotalFinder is ideally supposed to hook all calls for creating a new tab and replace it with a TotalFinder tab…)

Following this.

Is there a working step-by-step tutorial on getting this to work on Ventura OS?

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@Ronald_Epstein Not at this time, no.

TotalFinder is not yet compatible with macOS 13 Ventura.


And yet it’s working (minus cut in paste) on my M1 MacBook Pro Max.

Hi thanks again for your awesome work to keep TotalFinder working on M1 macs. I’m not sure if anyone has reported this but it seems that if you have your System Preferences->General->Appearance set to auto, when it switches to night time mode (or I’m assuming daytime mode) it kills TotalFinder. I’m curious to know if this is something that can be addressed or not.

@Damijan What macOS version are you using, and what hardware are you running it on?

I am unable to reproduce this on macOS 12.6 21G115 Monterey — I tested manually switching the light/dark theme, as well as using Auto and changing my system time to trigger the change.

@Ken I suppose what I’m really saying is “TotalFinder does not yet officially support macOS 13 — some things may work if you’re lucky, but many things won’t work due to changes in Finder.”

@akemin_dayo I’m on macOS 12.6 21G115 Monterey as well. Apple M1 Max.
TotalFinder quits and finder starts when I change from light/dark dark/light, either manually or on auto.

@Damijan Can you reproduce the crash and then run the included TotalFinder diagnostics script at /Applications/TotalFinder.app/Contents/Resources/diagnose-totalfinder.sh in a Terminal session?

It will generate a totalfinder-diagnostics.tar.gz file on your Desktop that includes (among other things) any recent Finder crash logs that you can send to me via email.

Also, are you using any other macOS system tweaks that may modify the behaviour of Finder?

I’m not using it currently but I had at some point installed xtra finder, so you might see some vestiges of that still in the system, but again I’m not currently using it. Not sure if there’s anything else in there. I’ve generated the totalfinder-diagnostics.tar.gz file, can you give me an email to directly send you a link for it?

@Damijan Apologies for the late reply — somehow I didn’t receive an email notification for your reply here for some reason.

You can send the resulting file to the email that the diagnostics script shows (karen@akemi.ai).

【Important announcement regarding TotalFinder and macOS 13 Ventura】

TotalFinder is not yet compatible with macOS 13 Ventura, which releases on 2022/10/24.

If you want to continue using TotalFinder, stay on macOS 12 Monterey for the time being. You will still continue to receive security updates from Apple.

※ There are a few technical challenges beyond the usual ones that come with a new major macOS version and accompanying refactored Finder that still need to be addressed before TotalFinder will be ready for macOS 13 Ventura.

tl;dr: Don’t update to macOS 13 Ventura yet if you want to use TotalFinder.


Hi Karen I actually already emailed you at that address but I’d just done so again. Hope you get it!

Running the danger of appearing as a demanding non-paying customer :wink:, any idea when the Ventura-compatible version might be out?

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Under Ventura on an M1 MBP I’ve noticed that although the installer installs the background process labelled for Antonin Hildebrand and it will show as being installed, that this process only stays installed for a few seconds and then it is removed from the list. Reinstalling TF puts it back into the background process list, but the same thing will happen again (and again and again). Everything else in the installation process shown goes without error. And, the TF options box never shows up in Finder->Settings no matter what.

I’ve been unable to figure out what’s removing it.


Ughhhhh pain. This is most likely because of the new bridgeOS (T2/iBridge) update that shipped with macOS 13.

It’s affecting macOS 12 (and probably 11) as well because bridgeOS actually exists completely separately from macOS, and can be independently updated as a result.

I’ll update the documentation to accommodate the new bridgeOS update soon.

(Also, uh… there’s quite a significant amount of identifying information in your screenshot. You might want to obscure it.)


Ah, got your second email. I managed to find your original email too — it got erroneously mixed into the BinaryAge forum notification email thread, so I didn’t see it the first time around. Sorry about that!

(Your email client added In-Reply-To and References header fields that were referencing this thread for some reason.)


Giving ETAs is a bit difficult, unfortunately — there’s too many factors.

Hopefully a beta release will be available in about 3 or 4 weeks, but that number is really just a made-up vague target that I would like to hit — it’s not at all based on anything.


By “background process”, are you referring to TotalFinder.app?



I also hoping for the update for Ventura.
It’s a damn mess to handle a huge amount of files with several hundred Finder windows you have to move around one by one, no cut/paste, no file color coding (tagging)…etc.
I can’t find (quick identify ) my color coded (tagged) files well with only a dot …

If there is use of beta testing / bugreporting, I can help as a beta tester.

So, THANKS in advance


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