Using TotalFinder for upload file selection

Hi … my wife and myself are very satisfied users of Totalfinder on our Macs, usually called up from the Finder dockbar icon. However, my wife gets irritated (more than myself) that when composing an email and selecting files for attachment, the file selection window that gets displayed (with cancel and open at bottom right) is an ordinary Finder window rather than TotalFinder so that files and folders are in a completely different order. My wife uses Outlook under Firefox on her Mac, I use Thunderbird with Chrome on mine and we both appear to have the same issue.

Is there any way to cause Totalfinder to be invoked as a file selection upload window such that we get a consistent view of the folder/file structure ?


I would love to make that feature available, but technically this would be really challenging step.

Standard Open/Save dialogs are implemented in system framework libraries not in Finder itself. I would have to inject my code into every app using those libraries (all apps essentially). This could potentially cause system-wide issues in case my code was broken and it would be challenging to monitor compatibility with all apps in various versions.

I’m sorry, this is not going to happen anytime soon.