Version 1.5.19 bug: unable to set tags

Hi there. I just automatically installed Version 1.5.19 on my system (10.8.5) and I observed that I cannot tag any folder or file with a color. I had to go back to the previous version.

I thought the new update might fix my other bug that - if I went through multiple images via Quicklook in a folder the finder crashed. The crash does not happen in the finder without Total Finder installed.

But instead it introduced a new bug which I find more annoying…

Anyone with a solution to any of those 2 bugs ?



Hi, mop.

I have exactly the same problem.

Even if it’s a bit annoying, you can still set label in “Get Info” window (File/Label does not work either…)



I had the same problem with 1.5.19 so I rolled back to previous version. Otherwise I love this little app.

Hi guys, I’m sorry for this overlook. I wasn’t able to test all Finder features.

I’m on this and will try to resolve it for next 1.5.21 release. Will report back here.

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Just a quick question. Anyone using Asepsis? I can imagine this can mess Finder’s view of tags.

Hi, Darwin.

No, I’m not using Asepsis.



PS: BTW, rolled back to v1.5.6 until the this bug is solved, I use Labels intensively so this bug is quite annoying…

Hi Ferry,

not using Asepsis either.
I won’t use the “Get info” window. Too much hassle.
I’d rather wait for 1.5.21
Maybe the Quicklook Crash Bug is then also gone ?! :wink:


I turned out this was much deeper problem which affected all freshly created Finder windows embedded into main tabs window. The Finder thought it is not focused and some operations were broken.

The fixed version is 1.5.21, I have tested it briefly under all three OSes and all seems to be working fine:

Please update and confirm. Thank you.

Darwin, thanks a lot: I updated to 1.5.22 and bug seems to be fixed.

BTW, a question linked to Labels: any plan to add to TotalFinder pre-Mavericks-style Labels so they can be used in Mavericks? That’s the only reason I’m still using Mountain Lion.



Yes, planned. Please follow this topic: