Vertical dragging windows in TS2

Hi, folks,

I’m a big fan of TS and I’m now using TS2 on Mavericks. One feature I use frequently is to drag windows vertically from one desktop to another. I was sad to find that this functionality is officially not supported in TS2.

The official suggestion is to “Use the new hotkey setting to move a window with you to a new space,” but since I use all of the function keys + arrows in various graphics design programs, I can’t enable this without a conflict.

Is there any chance that vertical window dragging will be added in a future update? Or is it simply not technically possible?


Hi John,

This has always been a bit difficult to support, but we’ll definitely look at it again. The problem is, the system doesn’t tell us when a window is being dragged. Under Mountain Lion we were able to find out this information pretty reliably. But not in Mavericks (at least not yet).

It’s something that I would definitely like to fix, so we will be looking at it.