Visor question

is it possible to reduce the width of the Visor window for every appearance (I have a 30 inch screen and the Visor window is much bigger than it needs to be)??
thanks, great product

Check out the “Freelance Windows” option in Visor preferences. It will allow you to resize the Visor window horizontally.

thanks for the response.
using ‘Freelance’ allows me to resize the Visor window but next time it opens it is back full width. Can I have a persistent narrower window??

HI @jmaynard: I believe the option you want to enable is “Free Form Window”, not Freelance Windows (that does something different).

I don’t see that option anywhere in TotalFinder preferences.
Where should I set it?

It should be under the Visor preferences section, at the very bottom. See below:

Sorry! I was a bit slow earlier…
Found it and it does exactly what I want.
TotalFinder is just such a better product than Path Finder!