Vmware fusion vs. TotalSpaces

Not sure if this problem existed already before todays update, but vmware fusion 6 and TotalSpaces have some unwanted fights about the positioning of the vmware fusion 6 window.


  • if you have vmware in full screen and you stop that I experience
  • if I try to maximise vmware when it is in window-mode (using
    green plus button) it only works on my left (main) screen. If I do
    the same thing on my right screen the window hops to the left. It in
    fact took a while before I realised that this effect does not take
    place after quitting TotalSpaces.

I assume that the vmware-guys do some window magic since fusion 6 now features dual monitor full screen and they support mavericks already. Unfortunately it seems that the window magic done by TotalSpaces clashes with whatever they do.

In case somebody is thinking about checking for easy fixes I am willing to give you a more detailed description of observable hiccups.


Thanks for this report.

(I don’t think there was anything in the update that would affect this but I could be wrong.)

What’s interesting about what you say is that it doesn’t work the same way when TotalSpaces has been quit. TotalSpaces doesn’t do really anything with your windows - that’s all handled in the windows server. TotalSpaces can tell windows to move (if you drag them in the overview grid) but that isn’t the case here.

So I am struggling to think of any mechanism that could cause this jumping behaviour. It’s very puzzling.

Do you by any chance have transitions turned off in TotalSpaces? If so, try turning them on and set to Slide, and see whether you get the same behaviour.

Hi Stephen,

first of all sorry for my VERY late answer. It took my company a while to actually hand me my vmware 6 license and shortly before Christmas my 30 day trial for vmware fusion 6 expired.

I installed the latest versions of everything, including the vmware tools, and now I cannot reproduce the same behaviour I told you about any more.

In case I observe something weird I will post it here, but for now I guess you can forget about this thread.

Thanks a lot for you fast and nice answer,

Thanks for the feedback!

  • Stephen