Weird finder ghosting

I’m using the Finder’s tabs not TF’s, and when I drag a tab to a new window it creates a small ghosted finder icon that doesn’t go away. Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just me?

FYI - I’m using TF for the “folders on top” and the quick “show/hide files” features.


Hi, I’m sorry, I somehow missed this topic and it got buried under a pile of new stuff.

Unfortunately this is a bug in Finder itself. It affects both TotalFinder and plain Finder as well. There is not much I can do about it.

Ok, I have found the culprit.

defaults write DisableAllAnimations -bool true
defaults write AnimateWindowZoom -bool false

After some testing I’ve found the setting which caused that:

I disable additional Finder animations with that tweak (it is a secret Finder setting). Unfortunately it is not that well tested probably and it introduces this ghosting (probably because Finder’s icon removal code is not called when animations are disabled).

You may try to enable the animations again and reset Finder (CMD+OPT+ESC) and relaunch TotalFinder again. But I’m afraid you will get some visual glitches with TotalFinder.

DisableAllAnimations must be false and AnimateWindowZoom must be true, also we have to disable TotalFinders internal override of these tweaks.

Please execute this as single line:

I’m having this problem, too - is there a less technical explanation of what I would need to do?


  1. please open /Applications/Utilities/ (a command prompt should appear)
  2. copy and paste content of this URL (it is one long single line):
  3. hit ENTER

A belated thank you, Darwin! Worked perfectly!

Tom :smile:

I think this issue has resurfaced again in El Capitan. (unfortunately my employers won’t let me downgrade back to Yosemite).

This works! Terrific. Thank you! :slight_smile: