Why is there a finder window being placed in the middle of my desktop (Yosemite)?

Using the latest version of Total Finder (1.6.16)

Total Finder is placing an unremovable/undraggable finder window in the middle of my desktop screen.

Is there any way to prevent that from happening?

This is a known issue; I have it under Mountain Lion as well. What I’ve found gets rid of it is selecting the first tab in a Finder window; that seems to snap the floating window back into place.

Unfortunately, I’ve had it happen over and over at times but then not at all at times. See other threads here for more info.

Wish the developers would read these comments and do something to fix the problem. Can’t believe it has been happening for that long. Thank you so much for the response. Happy New Year!

In one of the other threads about this, the developers did respond and explain the issue; I’m guessing they haven’t fixed it yet but it is known to them.

Thank you for letting me know this. It’s good to know the developers are aware.

BTW, the opening of the first tab on TotalFinder is not making that damn middle-of-dektop window disappear. :frowning: