Window Problem on second/third Screen after Boot

Hey people.

I have the following Problem:

When i restart my iMac i always get back my opened finder windows.
I work with 3 Monitors and my finder windows are sometimes on the second or the third screen.

But they don´t open up correctly. I have a blank finder window on my second/third screen and a bugged window on my prime screen. So i have to add a new tab to fix this problem for every finder window that i had open on the other screen.

I have this problem since 10.7 i think. So maybe that is an issue that no body else has or is it just a simple bug that no one every befor reported?

My Mac is running the latest version of Yosemite and the latest Version of TotalFinder.

I hope you could understand everything, my englisch is not the best.

I Hope to get an answer to this bug/problem and wish you a great day!