Windows jitter and flicker when resizing...even preferences

With the latest update…my windows flicker and jitter whenever I resize them…not good. Anyone else?

Had the same issue. 1.5.2 fixed it for me.

Same with bladerunner. 1.5.2 fixed the issue for me as well.

1.5.2 did not fix it for me! Please fix.

1.5.2 did not fix for me as well…the only thing that fixes it for a little bit it to restart finder. - then it happens again over time.

This is happening for me as well, on two different computers, both running OS X 10.8.5 and TotalFinder 1.5.2.

Like mentioned in this thread, a restart of Finder solves the issue. but only for a few minutes and then it’s back.

Here is a simple screen recording I made of the issue.

This needs to be addressed asap, it’s a pain using TotalFinder atm, I have even uninstalled it on my work computer and now have to deal with multiple windows since I don’t have Mavericks yet.

So, it’s almost the end of Feb, and this issue still persists. I feel that I will have to uninstall this software and leave it with a bad taste in my mouth…

I strongly believe I have resolved this issue for upcoming version.

I did pretty significant modifications how resizing and dual mode is implemented.

Let me prepare a test build and I will post it here in an hour or so.

I’m back!

Please test this alpha version of upcoming beta release. I did lot of small changes/fixes. TotalFinder should be more snappy. I strongly believe I have also fixed this resizing issue:

Thank you for help.

I have just released 1.5.14 on beta channel

changelog here:

It would be great if you guys could confirm the issues are resolved once for all.