Windows redistributed to different spaces when switching monitor

OS: Mavericks 10.9.3
Total Spaces 2.2.9

I use Total Spaces on my laptop, which I connect to an external monitor at the office, a different one (resolution and size) at home (both in clamshell mode) and also with the built-in monitor.

Oftentimes, when I switch between the three screens, the current window distribution gets lost: windows seem to be randomly get re-organised/re-assigned to different spaces. This only seems to occur with applications that do not have a specific desktop specified in the preferences.

What canI do to avoid this and having to re-arrange most times where I switch between monitors?


Underneath TotalSpaces is Mission Control spaces, and OS X arranges how they, and the windows are distributed when you plug and unplug external screens.

That said, I would normally expect windows to remain on the spaces they were on, except if that space goes away. When you have other monitors plugged in, each monitor will have a different set of spaces unless you turn off “Displays have separate spaces” in Mission Control preferences. If this is turned on, and you don’t use that feature, I suggest you try turning it off and see if it helps.

Thanks for the reply… My Mission Control “Displays have separate spaces” was turned on (despite my three different monitors always having the same 3x3 spaces…).
I switched it off and hopefully it fixes it!