Wish: Return Finder Labels to Mavericks

agree hopefully this can be implemented. While I love Mavericks for the most part I’m actually considering downgrading back to ML to get back this one feature.

+1 on this one, tags are difficult to see.

i usually pull my filename column to quite a big size… so i hate that the tags appear on the right side where they are hard to see and line up with my filenames…
if the coloured dots of tags could appear to the left of the filename or to the left of the icon…
if there was a column which had the option of the tag dots and it could be placed before the filename… what do u think??? it would be easier to see and not have too many coloured bars on finder windows… much cleaner…


I want the old labels look back too. That’s how I even came to find out about TotalFinder. I gotta say I prefer the TF implementation of tabs- from the images I’ve seen anyway. Anyway, if you bring back labels in TF, let me know, I’ll be on board.

Yes, please. I really miss the entire line highlighted in color, so it would be great if you could re-implement that. Thanks! The colored dots are just too small on my big monitor and old eyes. Maybe we could file an ADA suit against Mavericks?

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Agreed. I used labels to distinguish if my customers’ orders were in follow-up status, already paid, in fabrication, ready to be sent, already sent, etc., and it was easy to check a folder full of orders with a quick glance. Now it’s nearly impossible: those small coloured dots are really difficult to see.



Hi guys, I’m considering implementing this feature. But first I have to fix all quirks under Mavericks.


The new color labels in Mavericks suck! We now have those color dots instead of a fully coloured line.
It would be great if TotalFinder could give us the “old” way back.

Agree completely, please consider adding this to TotalFinder. I was a heavy user of the color labels and miss them!

Absolutely! We need to find a solution to fix the problem that Apple created with Mavericks! Please, TotalFinder, save the day!

Really give us back the normal labels! Without them, we only have complicated the job!

yeah that would be great! i wonder how hard is it to get the old way back - in transmit u can still see the old label “full width colors” …

i enabled beta releases - hope this will be embed.

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neeeeeed this feature!

Yeah I agree. Working without labels is really difficult and I can’t realize WHY Apple ingeneers can work without labels in their Macs!

Tags is a really good function, but it could be a new funcion if it’s an implementation, not a substitution!

Please Darwin, keep tags, are useful, but restore labels.

• Maybe letting us to set a MAIN LABEL for a single file, if it has got many tags on it.

• Or maybe a globally setting, making a PRIORITY CHART for all the tags we created, so if a file has got many tags, the priority chooses what tag paints the label and the other tags kept as circles like Mavericks does.

• Or simpler: if a file has got a single tag, then color label like Mountain Lion and before; if a file has got more tags, then colored circles like Mavericks

Just some ideas, I think you’ve got some better ideas to solve it.

Best regards, hoping in you



I also agree. If only one tag is selected then color entire file/ folder number otherwise if more than 1 = mavericks.


thats the way it should be by default in mavericks

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I would also really like this feature. I frequently used the Labels in Snow Leopard and the new Tags aren’t nearly as useful.

Having an option where we can select which type we’d prefer could also be useful (ie, whether we can the old Labels or new Tags). Personally, I’d gladly give up the option to select multiple Tags in order to get my old Labels back.

I know there are others out there who really like the new Tags, so maybe TotalFinder could include an option where we can still select multiple Tags, but can select which one “highlights” the folder or file. That way, we still get the entire thing colored and have the option for multiple Tags.

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I’ve just bought TF. Would also LOVE to see labels reinstated as a feature tags just don’t cut it. Support us and we’ll support you!

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This implementation is a MUST as the tags are not useful shooing as small dots. I don’t even understand how Apple could have change that fonction !!!

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Couldn’t agree more. I use colored labels to quickly guide my eye to key folders or files. The little dots waaaay off to the right do me no good at all. I’d love it if TF gave us this feature back.

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