Wondering about buying TotalSpaces but Mavericks is coming

Can someone from Binaryage team confirm, that TotalSpaces Mavericks version will be just an free update to Mountain Lion version and not an upgrade to some new 2.0 version? I don’t want to wait for Mavericks but don’t want to pay twice for the TotalSpaces neither.

thanks in advance.

It will be a 2.0 upgrade, but it will be free for those who have purchased it after Mavericks was announced.

I am about to have a beta for Mavericks ready, I’ll post here as soon as I do.

Oh, and just to add, TotalSpaces 1.x is not compatible with Mavericks, it won’t work at all.

Stephen if you don’t mind spilling the beans - the next update is (probably) going to be the 2.0 update? Can we expect feature updates other than Mavericks compatibility? (which is great in itself of course)

It’s mostly mavericks compat, which is significant because you can have separate grids on each of your attached monitors.

It will also bring hotkeys for taking the current window with you to an adjacent space, improved prefs, inside cube transition, floating notification graphic during transitions, and we’re going to try to allow you to reorder desktops within the grid (not finalised though).

Some other changes - TotalSpaces2 focusses on it being a grid - fullscreen apps and the dashboard (if you use it) appear in the grid, and not tacked on the side.

I may have forgotten some things, but it is a major rewrite that will hopefully help you retain and possibly improve your existing workflows.


The new features sound awesome. It would seem you’re meeting all the hopes I have for a new version.

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For anyone who is interested, there is a beta for Mavericks available: see here http://totalspaces.binaryage.com/mavericks

stephen is THE MAN!!!

Is there going to be an upgrade price from V1?

Yes, we are in the process of updating the website with all the details.

The price of TotalSpaces2 is $18. But all existing users will be able to upgrade for 40% off this price.

And if you bought TotalSpaces AFTER Mavericks was announced (10th June 2013), then we’ll give you an upgrade for free.

Sounds good thanks very much :smile:

The latest update does not work for registration as it looks like it is assuming you already have a registered version installed. I, probably like the majority of people installed cleanly, so did not reinstall an “old” version and went straight onto the beta’s, so I have a registration but it is not seen by you. Why do you not just allow people to enter their old registrations in for an upgrade price, far simpler and it would work…

Then you need to go to


and enter the licence there. There is a link to this page from the Registration dialog, but you are right we should consider making it more obvious.

Thanks, done now. I did also try to go through the main web page, but no sign of an upgrade their either, it is a bit hidden :smile:

When clicking on the download link for TotalFinder for Mavericks, I get the following error message: “Error 503 Connection timed out.”

I don’t know why that is, perhaps the intertubes are a bit clogged today. I just tried it, and it worked ok from here - this is the specific link for TotalFinder: