Would love to have colored tabs

This is probably a wild dream, but I would love to have colored tabs. I keep a lot of windows open and a lot of tabs in windows, and sometimes have tabs of the same name that are actually for folders in different places, so it’s sometimes confusing. If there were any way to convince OS X to color the tabs, the next problem would be how to do it. The easiest would be to color the tabs the color of the folder’s label, if it had one. Better would be to also be able to manually override that for a given tab (with the information going away when the tab is closed). I’m pretty sure there’s no way to do this, but I’d at least be interested in some of the technical details. Thanks.


I think this is a nice idea. I should be able to implement it as an optional feature. But it does not have priority. I have pretty long list of issues to fix.

I agree, nice idea, thanks for sharing @MLModel

I like that idea too, also I wonder if would be possible to revert files/folders colour marking from pre Mavericks OSX’s (IMHO dots next to the file/folder name don’t work)

I would love to see an option for colored tabs. I too have many windows open, often with the same names but in different locations. +1thousand on this idea :smiley:

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