Wrong warning dialogue window after OSX update to 10.11.2

I get at the start of Totalfinder the following warning message box:

even as my csrutil status is disabled and totalfinder is working fine. Could that be remedied?

It looks like your error message is for XtraFinder, not TotalFinder…

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Yes, this is probably XtraFinder’s dialog.

OK, sorry for that misktake.

i don’t think you made a mistake.
i’ve never even used xtrafinder or anything besides TF and am getting the same message after updating to 10.11.2

Ok. That is not the same error message. Read carefully - his clearly says “XtraFinder” on the second line. You have a similar error, but not the same.

Neither XtraFinder nor TotalFinder will work with SIP enabled. If you want to use either, you must disable SIP (at least partially).

To make matters worse, it appears that the latest version of XtraFinder throws up the original (@gvmelle) error message even when SIP is disabled. I just downloaded that program and tried it and that’s exactly what happened.

So, to recap: XtraFinder’s dev appears to have goofed in his latest version and you @QuantumQweef need to double-check to make sure that SIP is disabled so you can use TotalFinder. What response do you get in the terminal if you type csrutil status?

I removed total fnder and xtra finder and went for Pathfinder no more issues Apple has taken over and killed the good apps pathfilder is doing the job now… sady the rest of old sofware the SIP is a huge killer for people