Yosemite restore, totalspaces lost its settings

Strange stuff going on on my Yosemite installed MacbookPro. Threw away my user account and recreated it, and restored my account from a week ago. (TimeMachine backup)
Now trying to move application data forward to “today” Did this with ~Library/Application Support/TotalSpaces2 too. Re-logged in and … still only one space, instead of the six I had (with nice setting for background, corners, etc etc)
is this info stored somewhere else or is it not possible to restore my TotalSpaces2 settings?

TotalSpaces2 remembers how many columns you have set for your grid. OS X itself will remember how many spaces you have, and the information about what the desktop backgrounds are and so on.

In fact OS X stores the information in ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.spaces.plist and the backgrounds in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/desktoppicture.db

I have no idea if you can successfully restore these files from a backup, it’s not something I’ve investigated.

At least you should be able to re-create the correct number of spaces in TotalSpaces2 Layout prefs, and use the normal system prefs to set the backgrounds up.

Stephen: I’ve been having numerous problems with three different macs, all using 10.10.1 and totalspaces2 2.2.9, all with two or three monitors. each time I reboot I lose most of the spaces on one of the remote monitors. Occasionally the configurations I store with DisplaySpacesManager 1.0(4) can be retrieved, but I usually lose a few spaces, their names, and associated background photos. This is very disconcerting 'cause I’ve become addicted to using multiple spaces on multiple monitors.
Please keep working on this because TotalSpaces2 is borderline unusable for me now.
Randy Hawkins

I am experiencing the same difficulties with using TotalSpaces with Yosemite, 10.10.x

The newer version of the display spaces manager is able to restore space names, app assignments as well as background picture settings:


Thanks a lot Stephen, this version of DisplaySpacesManager has been working fine for me to restore my spaces configuration between 4 monitors at work and 3 monitors at home.
It would make a lot of sense to consider incorporating it as a feature to TotalSpaces soon, it feels very solid at this point.