1.10.3 hosed 1.10.2

Using 10.13.1 pub beta on 6,1 MacPro; Received update notice that 1.10.3 was available. Auto-installed; it’s there under the Finder menu, but none of it’s features (colored icons, etc.) are apparent. Re-launched; restart, etc., same-o same-o; re-installed 1.10.2; all is well. Should I have gone through the SIP disable, re-enable to use this update?

No. The update does not require to reinstall the SIP component.

I’m also using 10.13.1 and TotalFinder seems to work just fine here. I wonder what went wrong. Any error messages in Console.app? (it is quite busy, you might want to filter with “Finder” keyword)

What is macOS 10.13.1 I have 10.13 with the supplemental update and it is still showing as 10.13. No updates available. If you are using beta versions, then surely your points are invalid as the OS is not ready for prime time.

I’m using developer beta releases to stay ahead of the curve. Prior 10.13.1 I used couple of 10.13.0ish releases also without major issues. You can find more about beta developer releases at https://developer.apple.com. Unfortunately you need a membership in Apple Developer Program to get access to those pre-releases.