1.4.4 doesn't focus on visor when activated

I think this problem started with Mavericks and 1.4.4 for me - if I have another, normal Terminal window open, when I activate TotalTerminal, the visor appears but focus is not on the visor. Typing goes to the other Terminal window.

Has anyone else experienced this? It’s quite disconcerting. I have to first activate Total Terminal, then use the mouse to click on the visor, and then I can type into the visor terminal. Focus should be on the visor when it appears.



You are not the first one reporting. I will try to fix it for the next release soon.

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Happens to me too.
In addition, the visor stays focused even on events that used to close it before Mavericks.
I had to uninstall until the new version comes… :frowning:
TotalTerminal is such a great piece of sofware - I hope it will be fixed soon

This should be fixed in 1.4.5:

Please test it and report back.

Thank you! 1.4.5 seems to be working as it should for window focus.

Thank you for the prompt action!
Focus has been fixed.
Prior to mavericks, when another app got the focus - either because it was launched from visor, or due to an “alt+tab”, the slider was automatically rolled off the screen.
Since mavericks, it stays on the screen, and should be manually toggled off. Hope you can fix this too soon.

Thanks again!

@guy Don’t you have the Visor window pinned? Check the Main Menu -> Window -> Pin Visor

@darwin i Do.

Thanks for the prompt help!

Hi there – I’m still on Mountain Lion, but 1.4.6 seems to be giving me the same issue as what Robin originally reported. However, regardless of whether or not another Terminal window is open, when I activate the Visor, Terminal is no longer brought into focus. I have to click on the visor or switch manually into Terminal in order to type into the visor window. Nothing with my settings have changed from earlier versions; is this related at all? Thanks in advance!