1.7.7 is broken [fixed in 1.7.8]

Installed the1.7.7 update. Followed the usual procedure. Downloaded, clicked, chose the pkg and installed. When I highlight a file and select either cut or move, everything appears to work correctly. Go to the target directory, select Paste and nothing happens. Did a complete uninstall, reinstalled 1.7.6. Everything works as expected. Did a complete uninstall of 1.7.6. Did a complete install of 1.7.7. Problem reoccurs.

I have same experience including high CPU usage of Finder… Can not activate Visor…

I’m going to investigate it now. I removed bunch of pre-mavericks code. I’ve done probably too deep cuts.

What is your OS version? This is important.

I confirm the cut and paste bug. I will be fixe in 1.7.8 later today.

@NKuijper: I don’t see any issues with Visor under El Capitan right now. Can you elaborate? Have you tried to restart Finder + TotalFinder via CMD+OPT+ESC?

I have OSX 10.11 beta (15A278b). Yes I have restarted Finder + Totalfinder. Got direct high CPU usage. Idem for quicklookd. Do not know there is any correllation between processes.

Nb. After disconnecting Thunderbolt display, 1 hr in standby it is working now. No idea why…

TotalFinder v1.7.8 with a fix is out:

Came here to see if anyone reported the pasting problem, glad to see it’s been fixed. Installed 1.7.8 and everything’s fine now :slight_smile: (OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite)

Awesome job!

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