4-finger swipe also triggers 3-finger swipe

I have space changing set to 4-finger swipe, but I noticed in the last few weeks this also triggers a 3-finger swipe. When doing this within a browser window to change spaces, it goes back/forth in my browser too, which is quite annoying.

The worst part is that it doesn’t happen all of the time. Changing the “swipe to change spaces” option or disabling/re-enabling it may or may not cause this issue to go away, I can’t pinpoint it. But it goes in and out. I did update OSX to the latest version, 10.9.2, recently too. Maybe it’s related… anyone experiencing this too?

I’ve just set my machine up this way, let’s see if I can reproduce it.

Cool I’d love to know. I recently had BetterTouchTool map 3-finger swipe to go back/forth but disabled that and the OSX mapping for that works fine. So it’s not BetterTouchTool causing it.

Disabling & re-enabling the 4-finger swipe box seems to make it work normally. I’ll try to pay attention to what makes it break.

BTT definitely affects some of the same settings that TotalSpaces does - what I’m wondering is if it touches those settings even though its trackpad swipe feature is turned off. (It may be “resetting” these settings to the OSX normal settings, but this could cause this dual triggering).

Is it feasible to run without BTT running at all for a while to see if that’s the issue?

Ok this issue just occurred again. I immediately shut down BTT yet the issue persisted.

So I opened totalspaces2 preference box, unchecked and re-checked the 4-finger swipe option and it stopped the issue right away.

OK, thanks, I would expect the problem to persist if BTT has already touched those settings - until you change the setting in TS, which causes those settings to be re-written.

So I think BTT is very likely touching those settings.

I guess the only way to prove it is to run without BTT on, and see if the problem occurs. (But if BTT is essential to your workflow then I guess this is very inconvenient!) But if this is possible it would prove my theory.

I can think of a couple of possible resolutions - one is to bring it to the attention of Andreas of BTT, and to get some comment, or even maybe a fix. Another way would be for TotalSpaces2 to somehow monitor those settings and to revert them when they change. I’m not so keen on this, because it’s quite aggressive, and System Preferences can also change the settings so I think we’d need to detect a bunch of different scenarios.

Are you using any trackpad gestures at all with BTT by the way?

Yes I am using a ton. You know what, the closest one I have is 4-finger swipe up. I never realized this because I only use 2 spaces left-to-right, but you can do spaces that do up and down right? Maybe this is the issue. Not sure when/if it overwrites though, I can’t trigger it.

So the issue came up again. I deleted the 4-finger swipe up gesture in BTT–it didn’t fix the issue. I closed and restarted BTT, still no fix. So I reset the TotalSpaces setting, this seems to be the only thing that fixes it.

I’ll leave the BTT 4-finger swipe gesture deleted and see if this happens again.

Yes, I think the only thing that will correctly separate the gestures is for TS2 to reset the settings.

So now it’s setup up so that BTT doesn’t need to setup 4 finger swipes, maybe that will help.

All 4 finger swipes have been kept deleted in BTT and the issue just came up when changing spaces in TS2. Not sure what to try.

I just saw this in BTT btw. Thank you for your support so far, hopefully this does it.

Aha, yes, looks likely to help. Let me know how it goes.

Ok even with that option enabled, and all 4-finger gestures deleted from BTT, the issue is still occurring.

I notice the issue seems to kick back in after the computer comes out of sleep mode. Is there a way to work around this? Can you trigger TotalSpaces to “reboot” after system wake?

Or do you think the issue lies elsewhere?