A bit of praise: sanity returns

A cool user, David Jeske, says

“TotalFinder has returned my sanity.”


Also, RYann’s a fan, too:

I also can’t imagine using Finder without TotalFinder: a must have :wink:

David’s complete comment is below. Thanks to you both for supporting our efforts and the cause to making the Finder the best place to work.

TotalFinder has returned my sanity. Seriously. I was going nuts not having folders on top, and not having a way to show/hide hidden files without restarting the finder.

I wanted a simple Finder replacement that solved these problems
without giving me a horribly gawdy and unintegrated application.
TotalFinder has exceed my expectations.

Not only did it deliver my two must-have features, but it also delivered things I never knew I
needed, like the visor and auto-resizing columns – all in a package
which is as simple and slick as the native Finder. Bravo!