A couple of bugs using latest version in 10.9.2

Under 10.9.2 and latest TF:

  1. In Dual Mode if you hit Enter to edit a file name on the right window, edit it and try to select another icon from the left window to edit it using Enter, the icon on the right is the one being edited, both are selected, but the file name being edited is not the correct one.

  2. Open two tabs, double click on one of them to enter Dual Mode, try to double click one of them again to exit Dual Mode, it exits Dual Mode, but the window hides from view.

I have found the source of #1 bug. I’m working on some solution.

So far I was unable to reproduce #2 on my dev machine. Will try in pristine 10.9.2 system when I fix #1 which is more severe.

Great! Thanks.

For #2: I unchecked the option to minimize to the Dock by double clicking in Dock Preferences.

v1.5.20 will be released shortly on beta channel - it contains two fixes:

  1. focus problem after renaming
  2. in some rare cases tab selection might not match file view displayed by Finder (dangerous bug)

I was unable to reproduce your #2 on pristine 10.9.2 system. Tried both settings in Dock.

btw. this revealed another issue - when you DO have checked “Double click a window’s title bar to minimize” then double-clicking tabs will cause whole window to minimize.

Ok I believe I fixed it, please test 1.5.20 when you have a minute:

That was the original Bug #2, the whole window minimizes to the Dock. I will test .20 now.

Everything is working fine now. BTW, this update checked the “Disable tabs completely” setting, I had to uncheck it and restart the Finder, no big deal, but this is the only setting that changed from my TF preferences.

Thanks for reporting. This sounds quite scary that some settings could get randomly flipped during reinstall. I will review my codes.