About to take the plunge, but…

I’ve been hacking about in 10.13’s rather butchered finder/spaces/mission control/desktop/windows unreality getting ever more irritated at the carnage Apple has made of what was once a fairly coherent OS interface. I won’t rant on, but I truly miss the old WindowShade with its X-window style tool rollup to window bar feature. I’m seriously considering both TF and TS. (It’s remarkable how bad Apple’s documentation is for MC and Launchpad.) As a photographer, reporter, writer, designer, my work space is way too complicated and confused. These programs look like they could do the job.

I’ve done some searching and there seem to be mixed messages about compatibility with 10.13.5. I do see the note to start in recovery mode and kill SIP - Apple’s plot to bring only officially blest - and profited from - software.

So the question? Are we/you confident I can run both safely in production mode? I’m a little paranoid as I recently tried to use a neat little finder utility called Vanilla. For whatever reason it appeared to block both Lr and Ps launching.

So a word to the wise would be greatly appreciated.

We should be compatible with the latest 10.13 (but please try before you buy), and the fact that you can turn SIP back on after installing both TF and TS makes it as safe as we can make it from a security point of view.

Note however, Apple’s changes in the upcoming 10.14 release of macOS are likely to prevent TS and TF running with SIP turned on - and some customers will not want to run like that.

I’ve got to get to the other side of a couple of big projects before I can test this. I’m interested in both TF and TS. I know to not experiment with the system as a deadline looms. Ask me how I learned that.

I know what SIP stands for, but honestly, I’m not sure just how important that is. I work solo so can’t compromise anyone else. Does running with it off put one at some sort of increased risk? Curious for info on this.