Add options like "New Terminal Here" to finders right click contextual menu

Hey guys.

I started using Total Finder again after having trouble with bugs in XtraFinder. Total Finder seems very stable again and has all the features I need working again. However I still use XtraFinder alongside TotalFinder for one feature only, it’s ability to add “New Terminal Here” to the finders contextual menu.

This saves so much time being able to right click at any location in finder and create a new terminal which starts at that location.

Is this something you guys would be willing to add to Total Finder? As a paying customer, I feel it would be a really great addition.


This functionality is sort of built into the os. I can’t figure out how to modify the root level of the contextual menu, but you can add this to the contextual menu by going to System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts then select the services item in the Left Pane. In the right pane under Files and Folders you can check the item called “New Terminal at Folder”

The bummer is that it then gets listed under the services menu in the contextual menu. I haven’t figured out how to add new items to the root menu.