"add Person" HighSierra not working

installed 10.13 (Release). Unfortunately the iCloud sharing via finder “addPerson” is not working. it is just not in the dropdown menue. I completly deinstalled TF, i also deleted the .plist etc…
Then i reinstalled 10.13 again, still same problem.
I believe that something from TF is still causing g the problem, any help appreciated !

Where do you see that “addPerson” option? I don’t see it anywhere in my Finder.app.

btw. Why did you reinstall macOS 10.13? Have you tried it first without TotalFinder running? (CMD+OPT+ESC force quit Finder.app and then click the Finder icon in the Dock again).

Thanx for the fast reply, actually I found out, that it is my fault. The sharing (with iCloud via finder) works only for files NOT folders! So i think this thread could be closed.

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