Additional hotkeys for TS2


Now that each display has its own space (in Mavericks), is it possible to have some additional hotkeys that will change the space on both displays at the same time? And also a hotkey that controls each specific display?

I really like the separate display feature but it can be a little cumbersome when I have to move my mouse to the other display in order to change the space via hotkey.

Just a thought…

Thanks for listening!

I’ve already been asked for an option to bind the displays together for the hotkeys - meaning that we’d have a checkbox that you’d set to make both screens move at once when you use your arrow hotkeys.

Would that be sufficient? Or do you think you would need another separate set of hotkey bindings for this purpose?

Hi Stephen,

I like the idea of a separate set of hotkey bindings because I like how Mavericks introduced separate spaces for each display. I would definitely use it if I had the ability to change both displays at the same time and each display independently via hotkey. I can see this being a potential challenge for more than 2 displays, however.

If you don’t think its feasible to introduce multiple hotkey bindings, I would definitely enjoy having a checkbox to change both display’s spaces at the same time. (This would replicate my original experience).

Question - I generally use cmd-tab to change spaces, w/different apps in their own space. With multiple displays, would you envision changing both displays on a space change via cmd-tab or just the space the apps reside in? If there’s a checkbox to bind displays, I think I would prefer changing both display’s spaces when I cmd-tab. I could see others wanting a different experience though.

I think this is the logic why I would want a separate set of hotkey bindings, so I could control the space for each display on my own. I wonder what others would prefer however…


The more I think about it, the more I think that linking the displays in this way is not going to work very well. The main reason is that each display can have a different grid. And, indeed, is likely to if you ever use an app’s fullscreen mode.

Then the display movement is likely to get out of sync. Also cmd-tabbing is problematic for similar reasons.

My feeling is that having one set of hotkeys to move the current display (with the mouse in) and another set to move all displays is most likely. Cmd-tab would only move the affected display.