After hiding "hidden files" they still show on Desktop


I don’t have many issues (nearly ever) with TF, but I notice that I continue to have an issue with Hidden files on the desktop:

  1. Select “Show System Files” - I use Shift/Command+.
  2. Hidden / System files show perfectly all over (i.e. in finder and on the desktop)
  3. De-Select “Show System Files” - same shortcut
  4. Hidden files are now hidden in finder, but not on the Desktop. In fact, if I select desktop within the finder window, the hidden files do not show. But they are still there on the desktop.

This is what I have noticed on several occasions in the past few weeks… but on just trying to replicate now for this post, I see the opposite:

  • I select Show System Files, but they now do NOT show on the desktop (which isn’t necessarily a bad idea)… but all system files show in the Finder window (including the Desktop folder) perfectly.

I suspect this is something to do with refreshing the desktop.

Thanks, Nic.

P.S. Am running Yosemite with TF 1.6.16

I’m having the same problem under 10.9.5 and TF 1.6.17