After installation of TotalFinder, how to upgrade later?


I have installed the latest version of TotalFinder. It looks pretty nice. But how to upgrade TotalFinder later?

After installation TotalFinder should ask you if you want to be notified about updates. It is recommended to always stay with latest version because of possible breakages with new OS versions.

Otherwise you can always download latest version from the homepage:

Or download latest beta version from:

Do I have to disable SIP to install new version of TotalFinder? Or just install its update with SIP on?


Normally you don’t have to disable the SIP. An upgrade should replace only non-SIP affected files.

In some rare cases we might need to update the files protected by SIP. TotalFinder would guide you through SIP component upgrade.

Yes. The software package has some degree of AI. That’s fine. The software would tell me if I should disable the SIP. OK.