All spaces for all monitors on each screen

So. the situation in Mavericks appears to be that there are in fact two (2) overview grids - one for each monitor - in a two monitor setup. I guess one for each of how ever many monitors you have. This is how Apple and TotalSpaces does it. On of my primary uses of TotalSpaces is on a mac with a TV connected (home theatre) and quite often the TV is off but I am still using the mac for various things. The problem is that I can now no longer see the overview grid relating to the second monitor nor can I thus move windows that show up on the TV back to the computer monitor (because I can’t see them). Now if, in Mavericks, you disable the option in Mission Control for “Displays have separate Spaces” then you do indeed see an overview grid of ALL spaces / monitors in TotalSpaces… however the problem is that Mavericks removes the menu of the second screen when this is deselected - and the menu on each screen is very usefull - I want to keep that… So Finally… the feature request is the ability to have the overview grid show the spaces as it pertains to BOTH / All monitors for the system. This way I can have the TV off and still be able to rescue windows from the OFF monitor (TV) and bring them back to the monitor I’m working on. Basically it would be very very useful to have the overview grid show all spaces for all monitors on every screen - as opposed to currently each monitor ONLY showing an overview of spaces for THAT monitor… (excepting of “Displays have separate Spaces” is toggled off but I don’t want to lose the menu on the 2nd screen…
Wow that was long winded hope that makes sense.


Yes, you are correct in your assessment of how it works

The problem with your request is that the grids on each monitor are different. So I don’t know how to display a 3x3 grid alongside a 2x4 (for instance).

I’m not sure I can fit the two (or more) grids alongside each other on one display. And amalgamating the grids - I’m not sure that would work well.

Well I have two 30 inch monitors so room isn’t a problem. Also I don’t use a lot of spaces so it’s probably only 3x1 and 3x1 on each so you could perhaps just divy the monitor up (left / right or top / bottom depending on orientation perhaps) and maybe even show a dividing line and or labels indicating which monitor the grids on each side of the divider relate to…
Ultimately showing all spaces on the one screen will still only show as many spaces as were being shown under 10.8 - although the layout is different as we will have two grids each showing the spaces for 1 monitor as opposed to previously which was 1 grid showing the layout of (dual) spaces for all monitors. Of course this could just be an option and not even the default view… but it would really be good to see ALL monitor spaces on one screen… Pretty please? LOL>


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