Alt-number key assignments don't always work on Mavericks, after installing TotalSpaces

Ever since I installed TotalSpaces on Mavericks, switching to the applications
that I have assigned to the Alt- number keys doesn’t always work.

For example- I have assigned Safari to Desktop 3. Pressing Alt 3 doesn’t always switch
to Safari. Other programs that I’ve assigned to other desktops have similar issues.

Is anyone else seeing this?


The first thing that comes to mind is that ALT- hotkeys are quite popular, and perhaps some apps use them too, which may interfere with the global hotkey that TotalSpaces sets. Perhaps see if you see the same behaviour if you use, for example, ctrl-shift-number.

Secondly, the system has some default hotkeys set to desktops - ctrl and number for each desktop. So you may try those if you haven’t turned them off int keyboard->mission control prefs.