Always Maximize Pref - Where'd it go?

Just bought Total Finder & was looking through the online documentation. I saw an Always Maximize feature documented that doesn’t seem to exist in v1.6.17.

Always Maximize

Checking this returns the green button’s behavior to the Finder standard.

Typically the green “Maximize” button makes the Finder window as large as possible. TotalFinder improves upon Maximize. There are four settings that are cycled through when clicking the button: 1. Wide enough to fit all icons 2. Tighter fit 3. Tightest fit 4. The original size of the window you sized it to

When unchecked, you may also hold SHIFT and click the green button to maximize to full screen as if it were checked.

Where’d it go & can I have it back again, please? It’s a function I had hoped for after the changes Mac OS 10.10 made to the Zoom/Maximise button.

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Yeah, I want this back too, please!

Unfortunately this was no longer possible to do under Yosemite and higher (if I recall correctly). I’m unable to hijack the green “maximize” button easily.

Ok, fair enough (and thanks for the reply ^___^). Better Touch Tool can do it, I’m using that atm on 10.12. It doesn’t work well with Adobe CS5 programs but I suspect that’s Adobe’s fault and not BTTs.

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