Always show Dual Mode; Moving between Panes


New TotalFinder user here, two questions:

  1. I was wondering if there’s an option to toggle Dual Mode to be ALWAYS on (thus typing cmd+U toggles the mode off), like Path Finder.

  2. Is it possible to define a keyboard shortcut to move between panes? With dual pane file browsers, it’s traditionally the tab key.

  3. When I browse the file system and use Alfred and/or Spotlight to go to folders, they always open in a new tab, regardless of whether the “Open folders in tabs instead of new windows” Finder setting is on or off. I want every folder to open in the current tab. Is it possible?


Bump. Anyone?

I’m sorry. I didn’t get back to answering you.

  1. unfortunately no
  2. OPT+TAB
  3. no

For #3 I could probably implement a quick and dirty hidden tweak to achieve something like that.

Right now TotalFinder is “capturing” new Finder windows/tabs which are about to be created and treat them as new TotalFinder tabs. But this process has no information where are those new open “requests” coming from. if from Finder itself or from outside process via applescript or some other means. So it is all-or-nothing situation. I would have to dig into this problem deeper to understand if we can somehow detect your specific situation and replace selected tab in last active TotalFinder window instead.

  1. Will we see this feature in the future?
  2. Thanks.
  3. Please do that! It would be amazing. If this helps, opening Finder requests in the last active window is the behavior Path Finder has.

Any updates regarding these requests?
If could at least implement the opening of every folder from Alfred in the current Finder tab (like Pathfinder), I would buy TotalFinder in a heartbeat!