Any chance to have Visor back with native tabs?

Really loved the visor behavior, but I’ve been using native tabs since Mavericks and I am very happy with it.
Would it be possible to somehow decouple the visor behavior from the tabs stuff? Thus being able to enable visor with native tabs?


It is definitely possible. I just need to spend some time on implementation. I disabled it because I didn’t have time to do that.

Let’s wait for more people requesting it. So far I’ve got less than 10 emails for that.

+1. But I also like the tab split feature. Only thing I would like to separately choose is the native look of the tabs.
What I mean: I do like the TF-tabs and their features and I do like the visor but I would like to see the Safari tab design. Could even be the same place (above the symbol bar), just offer the native optic for TF-tabs.

I desperately would like this feature. I starred the topic - is that sufficient to vote for it?

No. I think you should like the initial post in the topic (click the heart icon)

Just a bump to re-register my interest! Please add this… I find TotalFinder tabs unnecessary compared against Mavericks/Yosemite tabs (no offence, the implementation is solid enough; but native tabs are faster and more stable).

Visor is the killer feature that I need. I paid for TF but have uninstalled for now; I keep checking back hoping these features will be split.