Any plans for "TotalExposé"?

One of the big tragedies of 10.7 and later was breaking Exposé. There is now literally no way to use the full display to show all windows on the current desktop! The very most core functionality of Exposé was mysteriously removed.

Any chance you might be interested in remedying that? Given the number of people who are still running 10.6, I can’t be the only person who would happily pay a lot of money to restore this functionality.

The main reason why we’ve never considered it super important to implement this in TotalSpaces is that Mission Control implements something very similar. If you turn off “Group windows by application” in Mission Control prefs, then activating Mission Control will show you all the current desktop’s windows.

Well, sort of.

It will show me all of the current desktop’s windows on about 60% of my display. It will spend the rest of it on showing me what’s on every other desktop, and on linen (or now just grey) exospace. Which is exactly the opposite of what I was asking it for.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Yes, I agree that it’s not as good as the way 10.6 used to do it. But we must balance if it’s worth it for us to implement given that MC nearly does the job. For now, it hasn’t come to the top of the list.

And, merry christmas to you!