Any way to force an app to always be in certain Desktop?

I’m a registered user and had a great experience with TotalSpaces 2 overall, but there’s one thing that is annoying me very much. Sometimes, when switching desktops, the apps seem to “follow” me. Since I’m using Amethyst, too, the layout for that Desktop suddenly changes and breaks.

I’ve tried using the feature of assigning apps to certain desktops but it doens’t seem to do much (or maybe I’m misunderstanding its purpose). If I assign, say, Emacs to Desktop 6, I expect it to always be at Desktop 6 unless I manually send it to Desktop 1 and that shouldn’t happen when I focus it and switch to Desktop 1, for example.


– Marcelo.

Hi Marcelo,

The only think I can think of is perhaps you are holding the mouse button down whilst you change space? If you, for instance, are clicking on the title bar of a window whilst changing space, the window will automatically follow you.

Could it be that?